Student Train Discount

Student life shouldn’t feel limited.

Britain is glorious all year round and there’s plenty to do and so many places to see. Therefore, travelling is essential to every single one of us. Whether you’re visiting a grandparent in York or escaping to the countryside for a festival weekend, the railway is your best travelling option. There’s already too much stress over homework and mid-term exams, so why not make the rest of your time more enjoyable?


By doing the things you couldn’t do (as frequently) back home. Whether that’s travelling around the country (check out National Rail for the latest travel information), or opting for a night out at a student social event where you and your uni friends can enjoy a few hours of chatting and laughter. Whatever your choice is, we have a way to help you save some cash to live the student life you want to live.

With the 16-25 Railcard you can save more money for university essentials (such as books, food and clothes), explore Great Britain and visit home without feeling broke all the time. With 1/3 off rail fares, you can now enjoy a hassle-free life as a student and leave the laundry at home for mum to deal with.

All you need to do is apply for a 16-25 Railcard online or at your nearest train station. This card will give you 1/3 off rail fares, which means you can hop on a train and explore Britain for less.

Don’t worry if you are not a fan of plastic. We’ve also thought this through. You can also purchase the 16-25 Railcard digitally and start travelling with your discount straight away, instead of waiting for the post to arrive. If you’re the kind of traveller who uses your smartphone for everything; from boarding a plane to dimming the lights in the living room, then this is the option for you. You’ll never have to worry about losing your Railcard. If your phone gets lost or stolen you can always transfer your Railcard onto another smart phone – you couldn’t do that with a piece of plastic could you?!

Travel to Edinburgh without worrying about the cost, after all your Railcard provides you with a fantastic concession. You might as well upgrade to first class for the same price as a standard ticket would have cost (maybe even cheaper). Ah yes, what a nice idea! A book, your iPad, some snacks and before you realise it, you’re taking strolls around Edinburgh city centre with some extra cash in your pocket.

Take in the beauty of the city you’re visiting.

With this Railcard in your pocket (or on your smart phone) and the freedom to travel hassle-free, we’re hoping your student adventure is going to be a memorable one