Is this Railcard for you? A quick check to make sure you’re eligible...


  • Are you 16-25?
  • Or a mature student in full-time study?
  • Sweet, you can apply!


If you are between 16-25


When you’re young you might find that you have a load of things you want to do and places to go, but never enough dosh to do them. Having a Railcard can help you save on train journeys around Britain, making your daily trips a lot less painful for your (or your mum and dad’s) bank balance. You also have the option to get a 3-year or a 1-year Railcard.


If you are aged 16 or 17, you could save even more ££ with our 16-17 Saver, which gets you 50% off rail fares, including Season tickets!


Mature students still get love


If you are a mature student in full-time study, you can also make the most of these savings with the 1-year Railcard. But you will need to show the following:


  • A Mature Student section of the 16-25 Railcard application form completed by your college or uni as proof that you’re going to a recognised institution, for over 15 hours a week, at least 20 weeks a year. This does not include Open University, distance learning and part-time courses
  • An NUS card or College/University photocard as proof of identity


You can also renew your Railcard yearly, as long as you can provide proof that you’re still continuing your education.



Mature student in full-time study?

Complete this form and submit it with your Railcard application

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