Easily renew your 16-25 Railcard


If you've already bought a Railcard with us online, renewing online is the fastest and easiest way without needing to verify ID again and can be renewed 30 days before expiry, simply: 

  • Log into your account. (you will have made this when you first purchased your Railcard)
  • Click on the Railcard you’re renewing
  • Check all your deets are correct or update what you need to
  • Pay and you’re sorted!


If you gave us your email address when you first purchased your Railcard, we’ll send you a reminder to let you know your Railcard is about to expire. But it’s still on you to make sure that your Railcard is still valid before buying or using Railcard-discounted tickets.


If you didn’t buy your current Railcard online you will need to create an account and purchase a new Railcard using your passport, UK driving licence or EEA national identity card. You should wait until your station bought Railcard has expired so you don't lose any validity.



Railcard lost or damaged?


If your Railcard has been lost or damaged there is a £10 fee to replace it :sob:


If you have to replace the Railcard that you bought online:

  • Log in to your account and follow the steps to replace it there


Please note you can only replace your Railcard seven or more days after the date of original purchase so try not to lose it right away, yeah?


If you have to replace the Railcard that you bought at a station:

  • You will need to have with you the completed “Receipt” section of your original application form
  • You can replace your Railcard at any staffed station


Unfortunately, until you get your replacement Railcard, you will have to pay the full fare and you will be unable to claim back any lost discounts if you’ve travelled in that time.


Railcard stolen?


If someones nicked your Railcard (probs out of jealousy...) youll have to report it to the Police and get a crime reference number or documentation supplied by them. 


If you got your Railcard online:

  • Have your crime reference number ready
  • Log in to your account and follow the replacement process, quoting your crime reference number


If you got your Railcard at a station:

  • Go to a staffed station with your ID and crime reference number
  • If you have a 16-25 Photocard, you will need a new photo to replace the previous one


Once we have the above we’ll issue you with a complimentary replacement Railcard, along with our sympathies.


Recovering your Digital Railcard


If you have your Railcard on the Railcard App and youve lost your phone, have no battery (or both!) while travelling, dont fret – weve got you.


If you don’t have your device or have no battery:

If you’re travelling with a mate, get them to download the Railcard App on their phone, or if you have a spare device like a tablet, you can download the app there as well and sign in with your account (You can be signed in to up to 2 devices at a time - would you can have the railcard downloaded on to 2 devices be better?.


If you still aren’t able to present your Railcard:

You may be issued the full fare or a fine but don’t let that get you down - the rail staff are people just doing their job.


If this does happen, you can make one claim a year to be compensated for the penalty you’ve been given. You will need to make a note of the train company who issued the penalty, visit their website and contact their customer service centre.


Need more info or help?

You can reach us on Facebook or X


Alternatively, you can email on railcardhelp@nationalrail.co.uk.