3 tips to survive your first year of Uni

18th September 2017

Here's a mini guide on how to avoid making a fool of yourself from day one.

So you've settled into your student accommodation. Mum and dad took you and bought you everything from bedding to books to bananas. But it's time for your parents to abandon you in the cold dark light of the real world. It can be a scary adjustment but take it from a former student; here's a mini guide on how to avoid making a fool of yourself from day one.


  1. Drinking VS Socialising.


YES to Socialising. Go out, make new friends and have a drink (if you want to, no pressure). Make sure you take advantage and chat about about your big plans for the future. Trust me, once you leave nobody will care about your dreams, if even you still have them.


Limiting how much you drink means you won't end up committing to going travelling next summer with the first person you meet. That's a long bus ride if it turns out they aren't the soulmate, drunk you, thought they were.


  1. Overspending VS Saving


If you overspend you won't have money for important things, like that Misguided Sale


Set a monthly budget for your food shopping and university necessities. This might seem basic, but it would be super important to keep in mind when you're lining up for the cluuub and they start offering you hot dogs.


Free time is important, but it wouldn't be fun if you can't afford to do anything. A simple click can give you the lifestyle you want. The 16-25 Railcard will give you 1/3 off rail fares around Britain, saving you money to do more of the things you love. Enjoy a year of rail discounts for £30 (or 3 years for £70) and claim some fantastic offers on everything from theatre, days out and accommodation.


Did we mention it will also save you an average of £190 a year. Student life doesn't get any better than that!


  1. Being Lazy VS Being Productive


There's absolutely no doubt, you'll get sucked into a routine and may find yourself becoming lazy, hitting snooze on your alarm or missing lectures to watch just one more episode of Suits (No? Just me?)


What can you do instead?

  • Realise that you won't end up with Harvey Specter 
  • Set yourselves realistic deadlines
  • Turn off social media
  • Spend time in the library
  • Break down your workload into manageable chunks
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help!


This way you'll end up having more free time to take full advantage of your 16-25 Railcard savings and perks, with your new friends. No snakes allowed!

Here you can also update your details and report a Railcard lost/stolen.

Don't forget you must have your Railcard with you when buying tickets and travelling.


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